Jean-François Dupuis


Jean-Fran├žois Dupuis
Artist Statement:
I have worked as an
advertising photographer for
Now I'm concentrating on
fineart photography using the
computer and printing on a
wideformat inkjet printer with
pigmented inks for archival
After an initial excitement
about the effects produced by
the computer, I am now paring
down my technique to achieve a
more subtle atmosphere that
does not veer away too much
from a purely photographic end
Using the computer has become
a method of convenience and
greater control more than a
means to create otherworldly
images that betray a mere
fascination with the available
I am now returning to a more
rudimentary understanding and
examination of subject matter.
Concentrating mainly on black
and white images, I sometimes
use toners to enhance a
particular print. My main
interest is street
photography, as well as
unconventional portraiture.

I often choose my subjects,
not for their obvious
photogenic characteristics but
for their sense of presence.